Re/Upskilling Subcommittee

Re/Upskilling Subcommittee

About the MKE Tech Re/Upskilling Subcommittee

The Re/Upskilling Subcommittee seeks to engage with organizations in the greater Milwaukee region that would like to be actively engaged in our collective efforts.  

Coalition Mission:  Inclusively double the tech talent in MKE region.

Coalition Vision:  A vibrant, inclusive ecosystem where tech and innovation create enduring regional prosperity and life changing jobs.

Re/Upskilling Objective: Inspire workers with diverse backgrounds to take an interest in tech, gain confidence they will be valued in the #mketech ecosystem, and pursue the opportunities available to acquire high demand skills to prepare for employment.

Values: Strategies increase the likelihood for upward mobility of displaced workers/underrepresented populations and reinforce Coalition members as employers of choice.

Employer Champions (“Model Employer”)

The Model Employer framework defines the characteristics of the employer champions we seek to engage with around Coalition Re/Upskilling efforts.

  • Our current/projected business model is dependent on a strong technology workforce.
  • We are willing to source talent through both traditional and non-traditional means.
  • We are willing to provide support and mentoring to both entry-level and non-traditional hires that enable them to be successful.
  • We are willing to help identify ‘high demand’ entry level skillsets across the MKE tech ecosystem.
  • We are willing to help develop and scale successful re/upskilling practices regionally.
  • We are willing to provide a commitment to interview/hire from one or more Coalition Re/Upskilling program partners as tech staffing needs arise.

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