Re/Upskilling Subcommittee

Re/Upskilling Subcommittee

About the MKE Tech Talent Re/Upskilling Subcommittee

The Re/Upskilling Subcommittee seeks to engage with organizations in the greater Milwaukee region that share a passion for our Vision, Mission and Values and would like to be actively engaged in our collective efforts.  

Vision: Workers with an interest in tech understand the opportunities available to acquire high demand skills and have confidence they will be valued in the #mketech ecosystem.

Mission: Retrain an incremental 65,000 workers with diverse backgrounds in the greater Milwaukee (M7) region.

Values: Strategies increase the likelihood for upward mobility of displaced workers/underrepresented populations and reinforce Coalition members as employers of choice.

Model Employer

The Model Employer framework defines the characteristics of the employers we seek to engage with around Coalition Re/Upskilling efforts.  Does your organization have these characteristics?

  • Our current/projected business model is dependent on a strong technology workforce.
  • We are willing to source talent through both traditional and non-traditional means.
  • We are willing to provide support and mentoring to both entry-level and non-traditional hires that enable them to be successful.
  • We are willing to help identify ‘high demand’ entry level skillsets across the MKE tech ecosystem.
  • We are willing to help develop and scale successful re/upskilling practices regionally.
  • We are willing to provide a commitment to interview/hire from one or more Coalition Re/Upskilling program partners as tech staffing needs arise.

Initial Strategies/Initiatives 2020-21

  • Entry/Mid-Career Talent – Scale successful reskilling programs that create in-demand tech talent from early/mid-career college graduates. 
  • Middle Skill Talent – Scale successful reskilling programs that create in-demand tech talent for middle skill jobs (beyond high school, not necessarily a college degree). 
  • Build Capacity for available programs.
  • Advocate and Attract – Partner with key stakeholders to highlight Re/Upskilling programs available in the region and for those that might be looking to Reskill as part of their relocation plans. 
    • Coming in October: iHeart Media ReSkill MKE Campaign.

Primary Contacts

Committee Representation


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