K-20 Subcommittee

K-20 Subcommittee

About the #mketech K-20 Subcommittee

The K-20 Subcommittee seeks to engage with organizations in the greater Milwaukee region that share a passion for our Vision, Mission and Values and would like to be actively engaged in our collective efforts.  

Vision:  All students in the greater MKE region understand their potential to contribute to the #mketech ecosystem. 

Mission:  Retain an incremental 18,000 graduates with diverse backgrounds in the greater Milwaukee region (M7) interested in working in tech related fields.

Values:  Strategies increase the likelihood for the upward mobility of underrepresented populations and reinforce Coalition members as employers of choice.


Initial Strategies/Initiatives 2020-21

  • Demonstrate a Regional Commitment to Local Tech Talent Development – Bring together K-12 educators, higher ed, industry and community partners to expose students to computing and related disciplines and support the ‘What’s Next’ across key stakeholder groups. 
  • District Planning – Support K-12 districts with an interest in developing a comprehensive plan for computer science education.  
  • College Internships – Develop virtual tech internship program to support college students in overall career/talent development goals and create a peer network of emerging technologists.
    • Collaborate with The Commons to develop and evolve initial offering in 2020. Please see the website for details.
  • Post-Secondary Transitions – Develop strategies to assist in post-secondary planning and workforce transition.
  • Attraction – Develop strategies to attract early career talent to region to support identified talent gaps.

Primary Contacts

Committee Representation


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