Coalition members are committed to the goal of accelerating Milwaukee’s tech transformation. The Coalition offers multiple levels of membership to encourage representation from the entire community.

Non-profits actively contributing to the goal of the Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition by helping build tech skills in the region may be eligible for a sponsored membership. To qualify, non-profits must meet the following criteria: be committed to diversity, have at least 50 participants annually, offer programming at no cost to participants and be under $5 million in annual revenue. If you want to nominate a non-profit for sponsored membership to the Coalition, please email, including confirmation that these qualifications have been met. Reciprocal memberships also will be considered.

Founders and Gold

Seat on Board of Directors, Advisory Team, and any selected Subcommittees


Seat on Advisory Team and any selected Subcommittees
Collective Board seat (one seat for every four members)


Seat on any selected Subcommittees
Collective Board seat (one seat for every ten members)


Advertise events and volunteer opportunities on
Collective Board seat (one seat for every twenty members)

For more information on Gold, Silver and Bronze membership, please contact