Our CEO works with the Board to set direction and then aligns Coalition assets to that direction as well as ensures efficient operation of the Coalition. Our Advisory Team prioritizes Subcommittee recommendations and advances them to the Board for action. Subcommittees help prioritize efforts and develop creative solutions to drive talent supply and demand. Coalition Community Members and regional experts from the tech ecosystem provide subject matter expertise as needed.

All Silver/above Members automatically sit on Advisory Team. Each Subcommittee also elects a lead to sit on Advisory Team.

Bold Vision

Build the image of Milwaukee as a Tech Hub by amplifying existing capabilities and creating a unique value proposition


Leverage cross-industry partnerships to accelerate local start up growth and drive innovation

Tech Jobs

Grow tech jobs in existing companies through successful digital transformation and recruit new tech companies

Attraction and Retention

Attract freelancers, virtual workers and talent for immediate regional openings

Retain top talent into the region through internships, entry level roles. Inspire the next generation of tech talent [more]

Accelerate reskilling of population to prepare for in-demand jobs with living wages to create the most diverse tech-talent [more]